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A maniac in blood

Guess who is back, back again Yes I'm still that mad man, still insane And yes, fuck, I'm still covered with the same blood stains That I got back when I ripped the brains off as soon as I busted his skull But now I'm back, and fuck, you can't even block  my way cuz you are all tied up, stuck in a chair with super strong adhesive as I dance away Watching me dance, two bodies dead lay beside my bead On yes, you are scared You saw what I did to them Peeled their skin as they were stuck to the wooden frame Just like how you are- but don't worry, I am not so lame To do those same things to you, I got a new game Wanna listen to how I will blow your brains? Shit, that was supposed to be the final dish but fuck it, I'll say Have you ever wondered how long Can you survive eating yourself? Well, I have, and I'm gonna try that  with you cuz I'll feed you yourself - cut off your fat burn it to seal your wound, as you gasp  for air, but nope, your mouth will be stuf
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Yan Yan Yan dere

*gore warning*  Can I cut your throat? slit your wrists? throw you in a boat? Pretty please? Okie fine But can I break your spine? slice your meat make it minced? then throw some piece eat that shit drink some wine make you mine? No, I can't? but I want to add you to my human farm No, I can't? Then I will break your hand tie it up in a burning lamp dowse you till you are wet and damp not with water but with brine light a match and throw it up till your scream, till it stops but on no! I won't stop there Put out the fire, See I do care about your body, but not your nails pull them out, use some flails add some sugar add some salt and rub your body with some lard you feel better, yes I see but fuck you are now hung in a tree well there is still your spine at least still, your body is swaying in the breeze clean your spine with some lime roll it up and paint this time Now I'm done, the last step left You hear me talking, no you're deaf And at the end, I will drown you

A kind threat

Not my stress but what the heck? why am I on it? scrunched up face, I wanna break that asshole who threw that shit on me, this is not the way it was meant to be but still, I can't even land one single hit am I fit enough to do that bit? why the heck is this cringe? well I don't mind but I am still pissed  at the one who broke that heart at the one who tore her apart  and  I do admit that she is at fault too but that that's just cause she is remaining true to her heart so boo hoo, imma protect her so shoo away go to hell ya ass, before I tear you away like a broken grass twig and smoke ya up, be in a trance ya know who you are but may be not anyway I have said what I want to say so what the fuck I don't care, die in a ditch get hit by a truck and this is all I want to say be nice or be ready to face the hell that I will bring ya what you too scared? hopefully not cause you still have my shit show to face..... - Yakaa: Jujaan

a smol one UwU

 sangai basne samaya chuttiye pani maya ta sada bhar rahanchha ni, saath ma nabhayepani yaad ma ta sada bhar rahanchha ni, milan ko aash nabhayepani, man ma ek arka ko sadabhar baas rahanchha ni hamro maya khaas nabhayepani, manma sadabhar aavas ta rahanchha ni samaya bitepani hamro maya ko mithas ra ek arka ko pyas ta sadabhar rahanchha ni -Yakaa: Jujaan

Tik Tok Tik Tok

Tik tok, stay awake snap the finger, break the neck hang the head and spin away all the blood just sprays an sprays take the head and gently place under the mat, under the bed hold the neck and shake shake shake till you fill the blood filled lake Tik tok, stay awake or you might drown in that lake -Yakaa: Jujaan

Be right back Hunnie

Regardless of how random our relationship becomes regardless of how bad will time come you will always be a time well spent you will always be a part of happiness I gained I know that we are apart but fuck it we will always share out heart regardless of the time, the distance and the shit in between for me you will always be my queen and I know if this is taken out of context this will seem like me simping but considering all the shit that we have been in I don care anymore so to let my weakness be seen by you cuz you are a part of my strength someone whom I can vent, someone I can bend  the world for  and be as almighty as thor but for tonight I am going far cuz my mind is hyper and I need to discharge the shit in my head and calm down but don't worry I will be back by tomorrow's dawn - Yakaa: Jujaan

Clench your fist and take a vow

Lets start slow, what do you see? Open your eyes and see the reality tell me more, what do you feel? taking things around, just feel the steel coldness there you feel it? now burn it with ca candle just a bit did you just feel the heat? now go back and take a seat listen to all the shit I rant about but be discrete don't tell anybody shh shh shh  change the pace now open your ears and notice the change, feel the tears in your eyes, feel the tears on your skin filled with fears of uncertainty, fears of getting the stares of people you don't even care about if you try to smear their version of ideal life, break that care just think for yourself and just compare is this what should be done is this is the best measure is all the chaos necessary to ensure the sanity and the humanity  unjust shitheads spouting profanity justice has been sold in cold in the city power rules the world, this world filled with toxicity where love is lost and all that remains is hate and pity but not all

The slow decent

 Nope this is not a philosophical one or maybe it is, but I think I am done with trying to explain everything, it's not fun but wait I don't do it for fun and you know it son and oh! my hair is falling I wish I had a man-bun I love butts so you see that was a pun hun what confused? Why does it makes no sense after the first few hums? well this is just a what the title says, read moron this is what insanity feels like, it's fine one day and the next day it is less fine, not gone from sanity, like you are there yesterday and all of a sudden BOOM! you are insane, you see there is no fun in that, there is no fun in shooting yourself with a gun but there is fun in going for a run  and being eaten by bears like nom nom shit too dark I guess but you get the point hun so remove that shit in your mind and see ya cunt see how it feels like to go insane through my poems the process slow decent into insanity and supersanity is still not done well not technically mine but I am ranting s

In Control

How long did has it been? How long did I stay in my room refusing to be seen? Well it feels like it has been too long since I was last heard, since I was where I belong Where am I? Where did I came from? Well doesn't matter Now I am strong enough to control whatever storm comes my way. That kid has grown grown enough to understand that he can't be harmed A silent voice that had been farmed came to see the magic charm. The quiet grey sky fills his view but his thoughts are nowhere to be seen, nothing to spew a kid locked in his room, finally threw his old skin is now born a new but why is he so calm, what has he brewed in his head while no one heard him, his thoughts were screwed but now he smiles, what did he knew? no one knows so that's why I say listen to him, listen to that kid who is quite all night and day Ask him, listen what reason has he slayed to smile like he is now, when the world is not okay why does he look so in control in the light of the grey? This smile is

Yellow, Grey or Red

I'm done trying to understand I'm done trying to pretend that I have a hand in what is going around in this head so I pretend instead so that I can pretend not to hate this shit hole we are all stuck, detest is still what I feel, I'm at best able to comprehend what is going around, still a gorefest well that is what it is, but well all Imma do is compress and try to guess what is blue, grey or red there is nothing pure black nor white it all depends on what you see, what you feel, what you want to light up or light up in fire, well gain some insight before you say stupid shits, or stand together to fight I know, not everyone thinks the same, but still give have some foresight think in some silence like that kid in a room with no light think for a moment and have some thoughts, doesn't matter if it ain't so bright and ya'll must think I'm pissed right? well correct but not as much just disappointed in humanity, that's all but do I still have some hope? no